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  • Ten Core Training Modules: Our training modules are the meat of the academy. The introduction, the ten modules and the conclusion consist of a total of close to 100 in depth training videos of varying lengths. They start at the very basics of real estate and continue through very advanced tax sale investing techniques. It is our suggestion to watch each video in sequential order as one lesson builds on the next and to review the videos multiple times to insure you have a grasp on what is taught.
  • 30 Day Startup Challenge: We all know what it's like to be extremely excited to start something new. Then, life gets in the way and you begin to lose focus. The 30 Day Startup Challenge keeps you on track! With guidance videos as well as the ability to signup for automated emails on daily, every other day or a weekly basis to keep you progressing forward in the academy. This is an invaluable tool for so many beginners!
  • Fly On The Wall Training: Performing accurate research and analysis of properties is the ultimate recipe for success. While the modules will provide the details, there is nothing like watching an expert do it in action. This training, just shy of 3 1/2 hours, provides a Fly on The Wall glimpse into the research and analysis I personally perform for my company. In addition to watching my computer screen and every mouse click, you'll also hear me verbalize every thought that comes to mind as I review and research a new tax sale list for the first time. To learn how to efficiently and accurately research properties, there isn't a better tool.  This was previously sold as a standalone training program, but is now included in this package!
  • ​Tax Sale Playbook: The MasterClass: This class is based off of our best selling book, Tax Sale Playbook. In this Masterclass we'll take the principles, strategies and tips provided in the book and bring them to life with a multimedia experience that includes presentations, lecture style discussions, illustrations and screen recordings!
  • ​Tax Sale Playbook Audio: On a daily basis, we receive incredible feedback on The Tax Sale Playbook. With this audio version you can finally listen as I personally narrate the entire book, with added commentary. Download it to your computer, phone or whatever else device you like and listen on the go!
  • ​Workshop Vault: After you've made it through the core modules and when you're ready to take your tax sale investing business to the next level these workshops are for you. The workshops have a variety of topics that are discussed and can make a HUGE difference in your business. Some recent topics have included Legal Descriptions (cutting your research time down 75%) Unconventional Selling, Building a Buyer Database, "If I Had to Start Over" and lots more. I recently had a student describe these workshops "As Valuable as Gold" and I tend to agree.
  • All Future Workshops and Trainings: As a member you'll have access to ALL New Workshops and Trainings as they're posted during your membership! This includes access to all live workshops when scheduled AND future training programs (such as our OTC Class and Fly On The Wall Training) as they are created!  No more paying for additional add on courses - they're included! Access to these new trainings expires once your membership ends. Lifetime members have access indefinitely.
  • Action Plans: Our action plans are designed to give you a strategic path to implement the processes taught inside the academy. These two page, ten step downloadable and printable PDF guides are a great way to have something tangible that you can use to followup with when working on a specific task.
  • ​Casey's Toolbox: Over the years I've made many mistakes and discovered many hidden tricks when it comes to tax sale investing. In Casey's Toolbox you'll discover the variety of tools Casey uses in his tax sale business on a daily basis. This list includes every little detail from his binders to his computer software and GPS system.
  • ​Discounted Private Coaching: Although The Tax Sale Academy Startup Package provides more than the necessary training, there are some students who prefer more private coaching over the telephone.  Members of The Tax Sale Academy have the ability to have Casey coach them on the phone for 50% off standard hourly rates.
  • OTC / Over The Counter Investing Class: Our OTC Class trains you on how to invest in this niche inside of Tax Sale Investing. Each year, hundreds of thousands of properties end up on OTC lists, where you can simply purchase them directly from the county for below market rates.  This class was previously sold as a standalone premium training class, but is now included in this package!  If you follow the strategies in this class, you have a great shot at creating a near on demand revenue stream!
  • Tax Sale Law Guide: The laws behind the tax sale process are what drives our businesses and allows us to profit off this incredible system. Knowing and being able to read these laws is crucial to your success. Unfortunately, finding the relevant laws can take hours and hours. The Tax Sale Law Guide is an 1,100+ page downloadable book that provides you with easy access to the relevant laws for each state. This is a one of a kind resource to help your business grow.
  • ​Tax Sale Support: Have a question, need help with something, or just want a suggestion? Outside of the live workshops, you'll have access to me whenever you need it. You'll have the ability to access a section of the website that will send all questions to my personal email. You'll receive a detailed response as soon as I get into my office. On top of this, you'll also have access to my personal Voxer account where you can send/receive questions any time!
  • ​Deal Breakdowns: In the newest addition to the academy we have added a few of our past deals to illustrate just a few different scenarios that we've experienced. While every single deal will be different, the ability to listen to a few of our details will allow you to apply some of these principles to your own deals.
  • Spreadsheet Downloads: After seeing more than 1,000,000 properties come available for auction we've realized the importance of being organized in every aspect of your tax sale investing business. The spreadsheets available for download include the preliminary auction reviewal, the online property research compilation, the driveby inspection report, the after auction property informational sheet and many others. It also includes a detailed explanation and examples on how we utilize each of these.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Our entire academy is accessible through your mobile device or tablet. This means you can take us on the go with you and turn us on whenever you're ready to learn.
  • Our No Upsell Promise: Once you've reached the Startup Level, you'll have access to every bit of training material offered. With the exception of private in person or telephonic coaching (only if needed), there isn't anything else to invest in. Many programs will continue to push you towards more and more expensive stuff to keep you reaching for your wallet. We're different. We'd rather help you fill your wallet than empty it. :)

The total value of all of these trainings and bonuses totals $5,872 for the six month package and over $10,000 for the lifetime package. 

These aren't some made up "marketing numbers". This is the actual value of these products when sold separately!

Spoiler Alert:
Your price isn't anywhere near that!!

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Refund Policy: Due to the significant discount offered with our Six Month and Lifetime Tax Sale Academy Memberships & Startup Packages including the programs shown on this page, we do not offer any refunds.  We have invested a significant amount of time and resources into creating this program.  If you're not fully committed, please do not purchase and we recommend you consume our free trainings instead. 

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